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1984 - 1995 Past Marathon & Half Marathon Winners & Finish Times

results & Race History

race results

race history

1st annual 1985 Hyannis Half Marathon - tie

Bob Hodge & Rob Pierce - 1:07:21


1986 Hyannis Half Marathon - Bob Hodge - 1:09:20


A Partial History of the Marathon & Half Marathon

(*reprint from March 1, 1998 Cape Cod Times newspaper)


* HYANNIS MA ....From a humble start in 1978 with 170 runners running the Marathon, the Hyannis Marathon and since 1985 the Hyannis Half Marathon has become one of the premier March races in New England. The "Big Three" in March are Hyannis Marathon & Half Marathon, the Boylston 30Km and the New Bedford Half Marathon: all one week apart. It is the first distance race of the year with runners from all over New England hoping to either run a personal record, cover the distance for the first time, maybe qualify for the Boston Marathon or to just get moving again after a winter of cold and slow runs!


Fortunately, the race has been blessed with many outstanding performances in both distances. In 1988, the Half Marathon record was established in its fourth year with an outstanding time of 1:09:43 which was run by current prize-winning author Sebastian Yunger of Truro. He is one of only three runners to break 1:10 on the Half Marathon course. In that same race we had Julie Peterson make herself known as she ran to her first of three victories in a new course record of 1:18:50. Julie would later lower this standard to 1:15:41 in 1991, which still stands today.


The 1991 race was also the beginning of the pre-Olympic year which produced some outstanding times: Larry Barthlow came down from Boston to set the now existing course record in a time of 1:06:56. That same race saw the top three finishers only ten seconds apart.


In 1992, the Olympic year. Paul Gompers was a Harvard grad student who had already qualified for the Olympic Marathon Trials. Paul ran in a pack of three until the 12 mile mark and pulled away to a near record run of 1:06:57. Paul would later place 5th in the Olympic Trials Marathon in New Jersey that May.


1995 & 1996 were interesting years for the race. In 1995, Mike Slinskey from New York came here with one thing on his mind: he wanted to break 2:22:00 for the Marathon Olympic Trials in North Carolina. Mike held pace for 22 miles until the "wall" met him. He did win the race and his time of 2:26:51 is still the course record. In that same marathon Cheryl Dube from South Hadley, MA came from behind to pass leader heather Besette from Stonington, CT at mile 23.5 to win her first marathon in a time of 2:57:04.


That next year, 1996, Cheryl Dube won the Half Marathon in the time of 1:24:49, only 34 seconds in front of local runner Lauren Heyl. That win made Cheryl the only person to have won both the Marathon and the Half Marathon in its 13 year history.


Not to be forgotten are some two-time winners in the Marathon in 1988, John O'Leary from Hyde Park, MA came down to win his first Hyannis with a time of 2:31:12 and then three years later, in 1991, he won again with a 2:36:32.


In the female division Susan O'Connor-Lough from Woods Hole became the first-time champ in 1990 with a time of 3:01:48. Sue ran competitively for Boston University in the 80's and in 1993 she came back determined to break three hours in the Marathon. She almost reached her goal with a 3:00:04, as she became a two-time champ along with John O'Leary.


On a somber note, the women's course record belongs to Agnes Ruane of Prospect, CT. Agnes ran a 2:56:23 in 1988, but unfortunately a few years later came down with a terminal illness and is no longer with us. She is still the course record holder


-Kevin Petrovek-




There was no Hyannis Marathon in 1996 nor 1997 but the Hyannis Half Marathon continued to inspire those to seek an early spring PR or long run prior to Boston and in 1997, the Hyannis 5 Miler was added to the mix to get all runners involved and was discontinued in 2001! Madalena Boudreau of Fall River won her 1st of two Hyannis Half Marathon titles in 1997, with a steady 1:22:04 and Tim Blouin won the men's side with a fast 1:11:34..In 1998, a relative newcomer to the marathon scene, Katy Griffiths-Calendar of Cambridge, Massachusetts and the Somerville Road Runners won the revised 1998 Hyannis Marathon women's title in a time of 3:14:37 and Burt Prokop took home 1st for the men..In 1999, repeating would not be a given for Griffiths-Calendar and Prokop both returned to seek win #2...Prokop slipped to 5th against a strong Mark Junkerman and Katy Griffiths-Calendar hung tough with veteran New England marathoner Kim Goff loosing by a mere 8 seconds however knocking off 3:23 from her 1998 victory time.



2000 was a great year for speed and overall runner participation...Madalena Boudreau returned and won her 2nd Hyannis Half Marathon title..Mary Chute of New Fairfield, CT won the Hyannis Marathon taking the women's time under 3 hours for the 1st time in a few years with a 2:59:07, and the top two men in the Hyannis Marathon both ran close to 2:30 with Glenn Mays of the famed Greater Boston Track Club winning in a grand time of 2:30:43 and Robert Ashby placing 2nd in a time of 2:33:55...



We had some great duals in 2001 with superior talent..but most of them were within the runner and her/his drive to succeed and finish over the drive to stop, dry off and get warm..


The day started wonderfully..5:30 A.M. and all predictions of an incoming major storm looked to be nothing more than another New England meterologist nightmare..predict a doozy, get everyone all revved up and then it never comes..BUT, the races did not begin at 5:30 A.M. they started at 10:40 A.M. and at race start it was definitely a New England meterologists delight..predict a doozy, get everyone revved up and it comes cause it came...and boy did it come..first fluffy snow, then wet heavy snow and the constant wet rain and wind!!!


Cool Running & New England Runner were both on-hand to cover the event and the on-line story provided by CoolRunning.com says it all with pictures included... so check out the Hyannis Outback 2001



The 2002 Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon & Marathon Team Relay couldn't have had better weather for a February event in New England..race time temps in the 50's and blue skies all over New England..what a difference a year makes and and with the good weather and patience from the runners a near record field of 1600+ runners hit the Hyannis pavement.


Robert Ashby of Brunswick, Maine played second fiddle to no one this year taking home 1st place in the Hyannis Marathon and with a little time to spare..and another Central Mass Strider by the name of Barbara McManus of Worcester, MA won the women's division in the marathon with pre- race intentions of only running the Hyannis Half Marathon but at half time felt so good and with the presence of a lead vehicle for the ladies spurning her on to the marathon winners circle.



The 24th Annual Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon Team Relay--Weekend Getaway With Class - a preview of 2004 event, written by Skip Cleaver


The Hyannis Marathon is the first of the New England marathons. The course is picturesque, and the post-card views are only part of the draw for runners of all abilities. With four events in one, Hyannis is your opportunity for an enjoyable weekend at one of the Northeast's most beautiful locations.


The Twenty-fourth Annual Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, and Marathon Relay will blast off together on that rare date, Sunday, February 29, 2004. This may be your only opportunity to run a marathon on February 29-they don't happen often. You can leap into spring with a terrific long run in preparation for Boston, or put it on the line here for a PR performance on a flat, fast course. It certainly will be an ideal chance to enjoy a weekend or a mini vacation on Cape Cod, no matter which of the four race options you choose.



A Celebration -- The Silver Anniversary Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and Marathon Relay - a preview of 2005 event, written by Skip Cleaver


Distance legends Bill Rodgers and Patti Dillon helped power the running boom in the 1970's when the Hyannis Marathon was born. They will celebrate its Silver Anniversary, and run the relay together.


Marathon legend Bill Rodgers along with Patti Catalano Dillion will be at this year's race.


Special guest Dillon will inspire many women to run these events. Her fortitude and perseverance contributed mightily in bringing women's distance running to the heights it will enjoy in this 2005 tour of Cape Cod--February 27, 2005.


The Twenty-fifth Annual Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, and Marathon Relay will run on Sunday, February 27, 2004, a Silver Anniversary party. Significantly, it will be a celebration of 25 years of marathon tradition and America's running boom; and especially the enormous strides by women runners during those years.